C-ram offers the following key services:

Revenue Collection

Accurate Fixed Asset Register

Optimized revenue generating facilities

Billing System Integrity

Revenue Grant Payment Equity


It has been identified that municipal short comings can be turned around through strong, ethical and courageous leadership in its’ administration and council and if the basic principles of accountability- which are built around strong internal controls and good financial governance- municipalities should be well geared to live up to the expectations of the communities that they serve.


Accountability is important in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of employees to ensure they are performing to their full potential, to enable organisations to provide value-for-money services, instilling confidence and being responsive to the businesses it serves.


Comperio has established an approach that ensures that:

 • Controls are put in place to address inconsistencies and uncertainty

 • Suitable objectives are established; and

 • Stakeholders are provided with relevant information timeously.

The need for accurate and complete financial information and data is critical for the optimization of revenue collection and the protection thereof as this will determine the sustainability and the ability of the organization to deliver on its mandate.


Comperio utilizes tools to integrate systems that assist organisations to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity.


With thorough research and analysis Comperio will provide organisations with skilled workforce teams that will focus on:


  1. Financial governance and control assessment reports
  2. Integrated performance monitoring and management systems
  3. Stakeholder management
  4. Financial accountability analysis and assessment
  5. Compliance and policy review against best practice
  6. Learning opportunities through competence transfer
  7. Assist organisations with continuous improvement processes to enhance service and product delivery

With our work class inhouse solutions- our methods and framework will ensure that your organization delivers on its strategic goals which will provide the following primary benefits to the client:


  1. Early warning identification
  2. improve financial oversight and financial governance
  3. ensure impact analysis and monitoring
  4. provide accurate system assessments
  5. ensure that the department is run effectively and efficiently
  6. Facilitate change workshops with organizational leadership
  7. integrated performance management practices

The following key leveraging benefits will be achieved from our system.


Organisations will benefit from:


  1. Cost reduction and a reduction in duplication of activities
  2. Shifting from a traditional M&E process to a MEAL system
  3. Optimal use of revenue generating facilities
  4. The ability to implement a repetitive process consistently
  5. Enhance the learning capacity and effectiveness of public financial governance
  6. Assistance with municipal malfeasance

Our Leadership

Yolande Letlojane

Yolande is a senior leader in Comperio’s C-ram division.

Having earned a BCom Accounting and then being certified in Commercial Forensic Information Technology – Yolande is a pivotal member of the Comperio leadership panel. Having started off as a trainee forensic auditor in May 2013, Yolande has worked way up the ranks through excelling on a number of critical forensic projects over the years. Yolande was made a shareholder of Comperio in 2016.

Be Empowered, Know the Truth

The protection of information or the ability to unlock critical information can have a detrimental effect on the sustainability of your business. Comperio Consulting empowers you with truth giving you the ability to make decisions to protect your physical, intellectual financial and information assets of our business.

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