What We Do

Since 2008 we have built a trustworthy, long-term relationships with our clients based on our unique approach which allows for the highest quality of service at the lowest possible cost.

Our vast experience and long-term relationships within the forensic and consulting industry gives you the assurance of being provided with the best advice to make informed decisions with the necessary support throughout the process.

Committed to




Forensic & Consulting

Companies can no longer claim being immune to corrupt and fraudulent activities. Through the gathering of facts making use of scientific proven technologies and methodologies we assist our clients in resolving irregularities and possible criminalities within their organisations.
We aim to assist our clients to pro-actively identify and address their organisations vulnerabilities to internal and external fraud to minimise financial losses due to corrupt activities.
We work with our clients to ensure their procurement processes are implemented as per the internal and external legislative framework, governing the process, to prevent the manipulation of processes and conflicts of interests and to ensure fairness in the award of contracts.
We assist our clients, to accomplish their objectives following a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their control and governance processes to improve their organisation’s operations.

Our Leadership

Phenyo Phosiwa

Phenyo joined Comperio Forensic Services in February 2013, as a Junior Forensic Consultant.

In 2015, she was promoted to Forensic Consultant, where she executed duties and responsibilities assigned to her. She was promoted again in January 2016 to IT Trainee Manager, specialising in transactional data analysis and forensic investigations. Recently Phenyo was made a shareholder of Comperio Consulting.

Mohau Ngale

Mohau joined Comperio Forensic Services in  February 2013, and was appointed as a junior forensic investigator.

Mohau was then promoted to Trainee Manager: Forensic Investigations specialising in forensic investigations. Armed with a Bcom Internal Auditing, ACL (certification) and

Commercial Forensic Accounting certificate, amongst others, Mohau was made a Comperio Consulting shareholder in 2018.

Comperio’s suite of services are geared to serve and empower you by accurately uncovering criminal activity in your organization.

Be Empowered, Know the Truth

The protection of information or the ability to unlock critical information can have a detrimental effect on the sustainability of your business. Comperio Consulting empowers you with truth giving you the ability to make decisions to protect your physical, intellectual financial and information assets of our business.

Comperio Consulting is a proud subsidiary of Comperio Group of Companies

Comperio Group of Companies is a multifaceted forensic auditing, investigative, risk & security consultancy.